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About us

Our Mission

Addressing the immediate needs of the homeless community whilst identifying and assisting investable individuals to become self-sufficient members of society.


Our Objectives

  • To provide shelter, food and sanitation to the homeless.


  • To provide opportunity for personal development to the homeless through: Computer Lessons, English Lesson, Financial Planning, Family Planning, Communication Skills, Employment readiness Lessons,  Anger Management and Counselling


  • To repatriate and reunify the homeless with their families


  • To achieve behaviour modification and self-esteem development through modelling loving and caring relationships


  • To assist with documentation: ID’s, Birth Certificates, Driver’s License Renewals and skill certification renewals


  • To assist with job placement

Small Change Can Bring Real Change!

PBO no. 930069748

Billy Lupiya,

Relief Worker

Our Team


Shalene Manzi, Founder

Shalene Manzi is the founder of Fountain for the Thirsty and co founder of the Dr Musa Manzi Foundation. She is also a PhD candidate in Structural Geology at the School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. She has a BSc degree in Geology (2015) and an Honours degree in Geology (2016). She also lectures geology part-time to Wits geology, mining and civil engineering students.

She has collected a host of academic awards during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and has presented her research work at local and international conferences. She is passionate about improving the quality of education in Africa as well as the standards of living.


Shalene Manzi has appeared on media platforms for her amazing work through the Fountain for the Thirsty, providing food and shelters to the homeless across Johannesburg especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Lebogang Sehoole, Founder

Lebogang Sehoole is a co-founder of Fountain for the Thirsty and Geophysicist by profession. She has cross commodity and country experience in both greenfield and brownfield exploration and has been involved both field data acquisition and interpretation of various geophysics data.

Her academic career kicked off with an undergraduate degree in Maths and Physics (2015). This was followed by her Honours (2016) and Master’s degree in Geophysics (2019). The work she completed on her MSc has seen Lebogang achieve best paper awards in both international and local conferences. She has since published two papers on her work.

Lebogang has a passion for changing the life of a girl child and to this she has mentored three females during her university career.  Lebogang is the current co-founder of We are Women, Period: a women empowerment initiative that provides schoolgirls with reusable sanitary products as well as mentoring opportunity.

Yeung Kee Pin Yeung Wai .JPG

Yeung Wai, Founder

An accountant by profession, currently working as Financial

and Operation Manager at Smart Integrated Telecommunication, A VoIP and Internet company. He holds a diploma in Business management and associate member of Institute of Administration and Commerce of SA and SAIBA member.

He has a compassionate, tender heart and a special care for the needy as he come from a humble family himself. His late mother taught him by example to always have love and respect for others. He has learnt that life is not complete without giving to others.


Bhekani Oscar, Qalakabusha Manager


Celiwe Hope,

General Administrator


Thokozani Simangele,

Rural Nurtrition 


Denise O'Callaghan,

Parkhurst Lunch Table


Nkosilathi Ngwenya,

Qalakabusha Manager


Simon Chauke,

Qalakabusha Security


Ruth Timmins,

Qalakabusha Life Coach


Thenjiwe Mpofu,

Hillbrow Lunch Table

Small Change Can Bring Real Change!

PBO no. 930069748
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