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Qalakabusha - Start Over Programme

Assisting homeless individuals that show promise in becoming self-sufficient members of society. This is a selective 3 month live-in programme that focuses on personal development, self-management, documentation procurement and job placement.



• To provide opportunity for personal development to the homeless through: Computer lessons, English lessons, Financial planning, Family planning, Communication skills, Employment readiness lessons, Anger Management and Counselling.

• To achieve behaviour modification and self-esteem development through modelling loving and caring relationships.

• To assist with documentation: ID’s, Birth Certificates, Permits, Driver’s Licence renewals, and proof of residence, opening of bank accounts.

• To assist with job placement and job security

• To assist in securing permanent accommodation

Selection Criteria 

  • Individual should be South African or in the country legally

  • Individual should be less than 40 years of age​

  • Individual should be homeless

  • Individual should not have an outstanding warrant for their arrest

  • Individual should be referred by a local organisation, or individual

  • Individual should have the desire and be willing to change their lifestyle​​

  • Individual should be following their treatment as set out by their medical practitioner

  • Individual must be willing to abide by the house rules


To apply fill out this form.

Volunteer Your Time 

We are looking for people like you to volunteer their skills at our Qalakabusha House in Blairgowrie.

Be it yoga, soccer, public speaking, finances, dancing, cv writing, playing a board game, acting, you name it we need it.


Is there someone you know who fits the criteria?

Terms and Conditions of Qalakabusha 

  • Fountain for the Thirsty does not guarantee job placement or the ability to secure permanent accommodation through this programme. However, many of our graduates do manage to achieve these outcomes.

  • Residents understand, and acknowledge that photos of programme activities may be used to generate funds to support the cause of Fountain for the Thirsty and provide feedback to donors.

  • Residents understand, and acknowledge that they will be expelled from the programme for breaking the rules set out by the house manager

  • Rules include but are not limited too: no house guests, curfews must be adhered to, no substance abuse [including alcohol],  participating in the curriculum, assisting with house chores, attending weekly counseling. No theft, aggression, violence or verbal abuse will be tolerated.)

  • No special dietary requirements will be accommodated.

  • Internet and printing should not only be used inline with the outcomes of the programme.

  • Food is provided and will be cooked by residents according to a roster 

  • The programme sustainability is subject to consistent donations and risks being terminated mid way through 3 month processes if funds are not readily available.

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